Thursday, December 24, 2009


Its been a while since I published something in this blog of a shitbox but here I am before you and have I got something interesting for you! Let me first make it clear, this post contains things ONLY about the fasts taking place in our fruitfool state so you can damn right away rule out any involvement from ATOM BOMB. TQ

Have you ever watched the movie 'Titanic'? Yeah the movie in which the hero saves a hot dumb blonde from a rusty old ship. On the way he sacrifices his life to save her.

well, this story was read just to entertain your pants because that is never goin to be the situation in our freaky stinkin state. "But why?" you ask, let me tell you, If Mr.Proboscis monkey (I'd like to call him Howler "Houla" Monkey) was the hero of our state, then why didn't he act like one (And Die)? Why the hell should the people of the state sacrifice their lives for one hero(Sarcasm)? The answer :- Addictive paper, that's right, MONEY. Like the saying goes "Give a man a fish and he's full for the day, but give him the price of the fish and he won't let you go empty handed (Only empty pockets) That's the scenario.

Mr. Proboscis just had to declare a fast unto death and we (I meant you) had to accept the consequences. I got a better idea for him. Why doesn't he just start a shoot unto death programme? Where somebody (I would be glad to) shoots him with a tiny 0.03 mm pistol. Right from his coccyx and sacrum all the way to the tip of his hollow skull till his metabolic (& nasal) processes ceases. The whole process would take about 8 minutes (Where 4minutes goes only for his nose).

About what he did (According to the Truth sayer, Yours Truly) :- Mr.Houla monkey as we all know was a pro pol [Choose: (a)Poltergeist (b)Politician (c) Polyandrist (d)All of the behind]. He was a master blaster when it came to scam shame puppy sham! Just in three steps he (Pure Genius or amorphous Genus?) created; that's what pacifiers say.

Step(1) : Declare fast fast(Shouldn't take time)

Step(a) : Use few people to agitate many (Pay per use)

Step(uh..lost count) : Wait

And it could never be a do or die situation for him as he supposedly consumed "Give me supplements and make me look like I didn't eat" Drugs (or alcohol in short) and so he was healthy but didn't look like it. I really feel sad for Mr.G (Won't make fun of Mr.Gandhi). If he had known there was such a way to fast, women would have loved his figure even at fasts.But........

Mr. Proboscis did what no one couldn't, he fasted vigorously (Viagrously) till 'Day 11' (Day 9.85-Day 11) and due to him its not even close to 2012 and we've already sealed our fate.All I have to say to KCR, Please feel free to copy it down " MONKEY" aka "M**KI" and "@#$^^#$# to your nose" and all I have to tell YSR is "Either you come here or we all (Have to) are coming there."

No grains, no pulses what will we do?........Wait a few secs, got a phone call (RING....RING.........HELLO!...HMM...YES....WHAT ALCOHOL AND Marijuana instead of grains and pulses IN TELANGANA?.......GOOD BYE MR.RAO. JAI TELANGANA)



Friday, October 9, 2009

H-1 N-won but Faq, We all lost!!

The reason why I 'D'-composed this post is that about 40'brave soldiers' of our our country fell prey to a vegetarian virus and I don't want all this waste to go unnoticed.

"When Pigs fly!!",a powerfully hysterical quote to ever quote. But let me tell you something, they do fly and they fly around everywhere, but on planes.The disease itself proves that humans have that special 'PIG' somewhere inside of them and so they get affected by swine diseases.Swine flu is one of the most exaggerated diseases.Just 40 get affected and there's a lot of 'Oinking' and snorting around for swine flu masks. I mean to say that if so many people can buy swine flu masks at the time of the swine flu outbreak,then why didn't the production of the contraceptive sheath go up when AIDS outbroke? (I gave you a reason when I didn't use the appropriate word for the above product). Could the reason be because of lack of awareness?.....Naa, the people completely aware of what they were doing!!

Whatever the reason may be the production of the product(Hence forth I'll refer to it as 'C') boom boom boomed several decades later and the reason for that is because of the division of the society(You know what I mean!!). Let me elucidate- 1) The first of the Cs were for nymphomaniacs and so women enjoyed it. 2) Gays used it because they wanted to show the others what they were(uncomfortable!!) and 3)Lastly the the lesbians used it because they didn't have any other alternative.Left out were the males . Now, in the 21st century, even men can enjoy specially engineered models (I'm gonna puke). Speaking of 'C's, the only bad news however is that no matter how technologically developed we get, there is still no C which 0.3 can use. Just because you don't know what 0.3 is, doesn't mean you can ignore his libido.Shame on those producers (of Cs not 0.3s).

However scientists even say that they can't even spay 0.3 because they say that {he/she/they/it} is an abomination mixed with something extra-terrestrial and joined together with a clueless glue made of androgynous produce. Wait!!..........I feel pandemonium from somewhere, I'm afraid I'll have to drop the whole topic of AIDS, C's its uses and misuses. Let's go back to swine flu.

Legal matters are not my style, but I do wish NOKIA sues the swine flu mask producers for using the name of the former's mobile phone model N-97 on their masks.If that happens, the production will stop(of masks, not something you have in mind right now!!) and hopefully in the end we'll know the pigs from men, thereby increasing the production of burgers and hot dogs and at the same time control the population (that's like killing 2 birds with one pocket rocket launcher!!).

What are the Symptoms?

Let me tell you something guys and gays, "Don't judge a person by his appearance" BUT when it comes to 'PIGS'(the affected ones), its shoot at sight order for you. I'm not much of a pathologist but the symptoms include cough, cold, head ache, wheezing, rashes, wetting you bed, Alzheimer's,Parkinson's, Turner's and Klinefelter's syndromes, Malaria, Whooping cough and finally AIDS(I hope I'm right). In the end however don't panic IF you start gaining weight,improve your olfactory sense and acquire omnivorous diet habits (A Hint: Eat sludge only after washing it thoroughly).

Did you know that Priyanka Chopra(piggy chops) is the only genuine vmi-vmi to have ever survived the H1-N1 threat.So now we can call her, "The pig who lived".But no, she's not going to any HOG-warts school of bitchcraft and piggery (At least that's what she wants us to think).

So the next time you realize you have a hot dog on your plate, DON'T eat it unless you're a cannibal.Enjoy life and please stay safe from all the pigs around you and also inside you. But for those who think they have swine flu I advice you to go to the following specialist -


Bob Slicer & Sons & Co.

No.1 Swine specialists

"We eat, treat all our patients!"


A word of caution to all the readers, please in your excitement let not this news go up to the moon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

RAP - Ruthless AdultRated Poetry

Aah Childhood! What memories. Good Times!! But not for everyone.Let's take 0.3's childhood for example.Can we ever rate it natural???? Was he like he is when he started his pre-school journey? I'm sure his childhood has been forgotten like an awkward nightmare.Speaking of 0.3, GPL was no better.His childhood was spent working tirelessly(I wonder where that perpetual energy comes from?(cough! cough again!) wasn't he the eternal polygamist!!!) day and nite, to make himself what he is now, a jerk.With heads held high lets congratulate him for his achievement.No human can 'ever'(in quotes) match his skills in !%$#^*#^*.What I'm trying to tell you is :- 64 GFs 13 BFs 1 OFs(Don't act as if you don't Know) for about 14 years(Babies don't _____) and yet not one has a bulging tummy(An achievement indeed!!!!! APPLAUSE).Lets leave him alone for the time being(I'm not sure if that's ever possible.

I'm sorry to say that the application I sent the GTA(Gay Tracking Association) to hunt down the fake blogger has been rejected.They burnt my form before my saying "We don't do LESBs".Now how will I ever find his true identify?? I'll try the NGO(New Genders Oppressors) maybe that'll give some results.

Anyway, as I was saying....., As a child, I'm sure you all must have enjoyed poetry, at least a few scribbles which rhyme(No wait that's RAP).Well more or less, the same goes here.Believe me!!I was something before this ghost of D got into me( It's rhyming already!!).So here today I have a few of my childhood poems.HIT IT!!..........

"1) My soul is not white,nor is my heart,
But one thing I must say,I do look smart!!

2) Time and tide wait for none,
So please don't waste it let's have fun!!

3) Ghouls suck flesh,
Vampires drink blood,
Zombies consume pain,but you're worse
You eat my brain!!

4) Pain is temporary,
Love is exhaustible,
Life is short,
But I-pods are not! So they should be bought!!

5) The sane man has a bane,
The addicted have a gain,
As a new wonder drug was created,
That is cocaine!!

6) Have you tasted blood?I think not
Have you licked fire? Ouch that's hot!
But have you ever killed a man, and left the body to rot?
If you haven't, come to me
Because that's the first to be taught!!

7) Flame is plasma,
Filled with hotness,
But 0.3 is the greatest,
Of all the sexless!!

8) What if the mountain breaks?
What if the building shakes?
What if scientists find 0.3's gender?
We were and will be bad Boyz!!

9) Life is sweet,but also bitter
life is good but sometimes filled with shit,
Then why the hell do you sit there,
Take a knife and just end it!!

10) If I had insects, with legs equivalent,
Of all my bad deeds,
Then I'll be having a few millipedes!!

11) U all are fools,Who live to follow rules,
I do not so I'm great,But you just have ill fate,
I have come to this world,
to eraze your kind.
So I shall think of torturing You all,
With my dark fiendish mind!!

12) If life is sad , and
your Love has died,
Then your only choice is

13) You may have evil in you,
But that's like seasonal,
But I burn with evilness,
Non stop like an Infernal!!

14) I may be a demon,
who love to have fun,
So even if I'm not an angel,
Let me at least act like one!!

15) I don't have horns,Nor a tail you see,
But that doesn't stop me from being D!!

16) If Hitler was mad,then call me insane,
Because for this world I'll create only bane,
As I've learnt from his mistakes and corrected his flaws,
So now I will Immediately start WAR once again!!!

17) Friends are forever,
love is for an eternity,
Time stops never,
So also your stupidity!!

18) Roses are red,Violets are blue,
Of 0.3's gender, I have no clue!!

19) Taking a life is really tough,
But making one is SLANG,
Breaking the heart is always easy,
So do it with a BANG!!

20) My insanity is low,
My innocence is high,
But the best thing however,
Is that I easily lie!!

21) Heaven's missing an angel,
It really wanted back,
So what are you waiting for,
Please help me pack!!

22) A fight is for peons,
A mob creates annoying rattle,
But I'll go higher,
I'll start a nuclear battle!!

23) A dog is man's best friend,
I thought that it was true.
But now I changed my mind,
For I've just met you!!

24) What is reality but
an obstacle between you and me,
Cross over it and like me a fiend you'll be!!

25) The soul is really precious,
Though it, you cannot see.
But I'm sure that's why don't need it,
So sell it off to me!!

26) A heart beats really hard,
and makes you feel like having fun,
But I really envy humans for that,
Because I don't actually have one.

27) Ladies and gentlemen lend me your ears,
while you're at it give me some of your eyes,nose,blood,
bones,skin,shin,legs,tongue and make that with extra tears!!

28) Try and try till you succeed,
A quote for only a fool to heed.
"BRIBE" should be the substitute for 'try',
Because this world goes around greed!! "

ENJOY YOUR LIFE, WHILE YOU HAVE IT BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT CONNECTS ME TO YOU.TAKE CARE OF IT FOR ME BECAUSE SOON I WILL TAKE BACK WHATS MINE.................................................................................................................

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Some people in this world live to die, some live to kill, some kill to live, but I'm dying to kill(Especially the 0.3).Because there are members of some minority society who constantly puke out questions at me as to why my blog is not being updated. Let me get it straight(not for 0.3)!! I shall update my blog whenever I feel like it. I am the king, superior to the human race, evolved from Homo Sapiens(Who I think are all Homo..). Let’s cut the crap and get to the point. Today instead of updating my blog with shitty paragraphs I thought why not put in a Trivia Quiz. So how about it... This would be called :-

1) Why should the United Nations (Non existent) support Pimps?

2) How are all apes (including HUMANS) able to enjoy all the pleasures (GET ME??!)

3) What do you call a movie which depicts the sea or sky?

4) Why are the British more proud of their flag, than us Indians?

5) Where did the boy who cried "Fuck" end up?

6) What is the difference between a shot put ball and a whore (apart from the looks)?

7) Why is it illegal to make out with people of the same sex?
8) Who are the men of their word?

9) If you give an Indian a pillow what is he likely to do?

10) Why do the doctors advise you not to use i-pill?

1) Because they give more preference to women.
2) They are PRIME-MATES.
3) A Blue Film.
4) As they're flag is called the UNION JACK.
5) At the Sheep Farm, because *ALL* his sheep end up pregnant!!
6) One is thrown and used, the other is used and thrown.
7) Because the future governments need a good(and healthy) population to win the elections.
8) The inmates of the maternity hospital.
9) Sleep (on,in,with...,etc. your point of view) it!!
10)Because they want all the I-pills available for themselves.

Sorry guys for being so late in updating this blog but this were due to certain technical problems. But I'm sure you enjoyed it. So for now CHOW!!
But Remember I Know what you do and where you go. You are at all times at the mercy of 'D'. I may not kill but I will THRILL!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009



It definitely seems like my prototype was a hit. So, I think I'll proceed with it. The ones who think that I'm going to spare you, think again because the only person I'm not going to spare is the English Houla. Him I'll spear!!!

Today's Victim is Rohan. And for those who live in ignorance, he is also called the Lamp Post, GPL(Gay Pupil Leader) and UFO (Universal Flirting Oddity). The Bombastic lecher is definitely a dare devil and also a bare devil (I'll get to that). The daring Hermaphrodite made us all puke while giving announcements. In the recent announcement all he had to do was to call his amorous red house group to the place engaged (also a place of engagement). But NO, he's the GPL he HAD to be different and use exaggeration as a basis of gaining popularity. All I could hear were words picked out of Shakespear's Trash-Can, the one in the kitchen area, that's right, The WET one.
The main point I want to present to you however is that Even though,UFO is an excellent womanizer, he and The Houla ( pronounced the same in all languages) have countless similarities, one being their unclassified gender and the other a common Crossing place WWF (whenever, wherever and forever). It almost follows the Hutch's tag lines "You and I (don't belong) in this beautiful world" and "Wherever you go, our network (wet-work)  follows". But 0.3 and UFO may be in this beautiful world but there also a trillion others, so DO IT IN PRIVATE!

In the Inter-House Competitions held recently, The pimp, Lamp-Post had to indulge in physical contact (cough!), I mean of the hands After their declamation, e-Houla and King Androgynous Ist (His Truly Unruly, Rohan) had to show off to the judges how close they are by shaking their hands (That's all they can do ON-STAGE, I understand). Even in the Independence Day Program, my fellow members of the G.T.A.(Gay Tracking Association) have spotted UFO and 0.3 having a candid (Surely intimate) Conversation and their postures were not at all surprising 0.3 was sitting on a chair and UFO was more like bending before him (Not even the height difference can become an obstacle for their relationship). I won't be surprised if both of them get Swine Flu at the same time (considering their closeness).

About 3 days ago, UFO, the alleged basketball player of our school went into his classroom for a change of dress. The English Houla after having a glimpse of him changing (bare devil), immediately marched inside and rest of the story I did not witness. That's for you to imagine..........

Known to be the most unsatisfied student, UFO, reports say, has flirted(and dated) over 1359 times with more than 22.5 females(you know why the 0.5)! His G-list never ends as he's the SPL (School Pupil Lecher) 'cum' GPL. Just because he's the head (and what not) of the students, doesn't mean he has to ^*%*&*% anyone he wants.

The problem is however, that he wants to make a mark in history, you know, Epoch making(making Eunuchs) and he's doing that by using his most prized talent. For him the bimbos are not enough (I repeat-""BIMBOS ARE NOT ENOUGH""). So, he's hitting on the gays and also the males (Why the hell did he leave lesbians alone!).

But is this what we want? A world filled with people who can't even be addressed properly. Ladies and gentlemen (and also 0.3) your future is yours to keep not the UFO's. Please Ponder!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


The school is filled with specimens and speciwomens thrown in with different features. The ironic aspect of our school, All Saints' High School is that you'd have to walk a mile to find an innocent person (walk a micron and you'll find someone lesser than ME!).

The point is however that not a single soul is good. correction :- Not a single soul, who can understand words as easy as pregnant, is good. As I was saying, badness has crept in and that's due to us Seniors' timely education. This badness is spreading so rapidly that none have ever spread any knowledge as such, since the invention of the child (forgive me for my MISUSE of words).

Our school is filled with differently-able students (students who do different things with the RESOURCES they have). This has drawn my attention and you know how attentive I am to such things. So I created this post. Please enjoy the prototype of my latest product  (Do consume it with utmost pleasure).......




Where do I begin??????? A seriously mixed type of personality whose secsual orientation is !#@@$#^^%*^ ;-( ie., anything but straight. Can you ever believe that the S.C.Bose (Recall why I used Bose (12/08/09 Sameer imitated Bose in the school Assembly) of Sodomy also follows the natural and basic instincts?

Yeah, I'm not joking (maybe jockeying). The Gay-Icon :) of our school was frequently spotted with the Blue house Seceratery (Of course female; As Rats and humans don't do that well). The distance between them was 0.134 metres (I wonder why the distance would come down to -10cms, Yes,  negative value).

Sameer aka English Houla aka English Kutta aka 0.3 (Male, Female and Other) aka Gay-Ikon of All Saints, is known to be the most responsible gay in the OTHER categories. His favourite pass time is CROSS-word. He is not only responsible (a responsibility) to his girl friends, but also to his boy friends. He's proud of the expansion (of BFs and GFs) of his MIXED community.

One reason why 0.3 is obscurity personified is that the lesbo x gay grotesque is the only Human, the gender of whose I still haven't figured out. Even though he has masculine placable character, he is famous for being a virage.

Sources also reveal that Sameer, was abducted by aliens and was brain-washed. He was sent here after severe experimentation on his chromosomes. Scientists also agree and support the statement with evidence proving that he has 43.5 chromosome including X,Y chromosomes and newly discovered G and AY chromosomes. Research also reveal that he is immune to swine-flu because the virus only attacks a human whose gender is recognized. However, he is more prone to HIV-AIDS than normal humans, because of the sole reason that he has both the .......... (Fill In The Blanks with suitable words).

This is my sincere appeal for your safety that you stay away from 0.3. He is not only a threat to the school, but also to our country. If you spot him please hesitate to call me. Me and my team will capture him and send him to a warm, sufficiently lighted and a suitable place of shelter (The sun).

Please feel free to comment on the above topic. If you are the 0.3 himself, then feel free to feel free because that's all you'll be doing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello visitors of the Death-Mail, the mail which never lets you live in peace. Whats up? and your answer would be "not the eclipse" but don't be disappointed. Let me give you a useful piece of shit. Even though you couldn't see the "gas from ass" fuelled sun being covered by the loony Moon, we witnessed a spectacular spectacle. If you had noticed,we had another eclipse. Not a solar or lunar,but "Goonar Eclipse" by the darkness caused due to the presence of Mr. Black iN White (It was enough to render 'black' a bright color).

The auspicious day is over. The curses have been thrown like showers of acid. A Happy birthday to Mr.Back in white. Though there weren't any balloons we had a lot of fun bursting (his bubbles) and though we didn't have candles we had a gala time blowing (Not from the rear, Take care). When he held his coal like dwarf hoofs on Mrs.Big Ben's spaghetti like fingers (all looked like the middle ones). Mr Big Ben being a "watch"ful man must have left her by now, But cutting the cake really lifted his spirits because 'oh my God!' his buffering was considerably lower than usual. I believe that her magic had actually worked (It won't work during the day). All that was forcefully fed into the kind and gentle students' brains. I mean how can something like that get through the Ministry of Education, Oh I forgot there is no such thing. Mr.BNW (Black iN White) is the only authority and what he buffers goes (and that's why I hate All Saints).

But nonetheless the students enjoyed it. They're RESPECTABLE hoots and words of CIVIL NATURE encouraged the couple to cut the cake in F!^%#@ing melodramatic slow movements. I'm sure the despair in the pair must have vanished. Mr. BNW being single (but already mingled) is answerable to none, but Mrs BB (no 'oo') has a husband. What will she tell him,if he found out? Oh! I got the answer (She doesn't need to talk) Get me? So Every ones happy and the story ends.

But what about Me? Don't I deserve some Joy? Why should I, being the one who wrote the blog, Not be indulging (within double quotes) in some fun?

FUN in my dictionary is an acronym, for :- Fully Uncensored Notoriety and that I can only attain by causing pain to the weak, minor and people who are not classified as people. I want you to please sent a bouquet of poison ivy to my dear fiend, Mr.English Houla, attach a colorful letter with these golden words of gratitude :- "Get hell soon" don't forget to add "With Love". Please don't forget spraying the leaves with that special scent (Le Itching toilette) That would make me really happy (REALLY).

Let me conclude this short but useful post with a series of announcements.
  • A Microsoft BS (Buffer Stopper) was found in Master D.English Houla's Bag. The owner may donate it to Mr.Black in white. He/She will be blessed with 'Dark' pleasures.
  • Master M. Damn Dambar (M.Anurag Singh) found his family tree. The shocking news is that Mr.Black iN White is in it too (Look surprised).
  • The good news is that John "Glutton" Burg(er) (Krishna Akhil) has lost a tonne. The bad news is, He gained ten.
  • Master Sai Teja (aka,The Rat) was found missing today after school. The Cat owners are requested to line up near the quadrangle, for the same.
  • After the Gay Rights were granted many of the minorities of the society have started to progress. I am really sad to see that everyone of that category is happy. Giving the names would really hurt them So English Houla aka Sameer I won't Publicly announce your name.
Thank You All for eagerly awaiting this post.Hope you do so again for another Millennium.
'C' Ya All.
Hope you fall
let your fat asses blow up the hall!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are You Gayme?!

'I am a racist' and after This question you'll not agree but in the end you will!

Which is the happiest section of the society?

but contrary to the question,is the hottest topic of the season,The so called section 377 or Gay Rights.
Who is a gay?(I mean What is a gay?) is what people ask me and i wonder why people have a fascination for such issues.
The whole concept of gaiety is weird,i mean why would a woman trapped in a man's body be able to resist the (cough cough)temptation
How come those lucky few have the RIGHT to be gay and we don't even have the mere right to Drive a car?
I am sorry to say this but Gayming is bad for health,especially Video Gayming(don't try this at home)
The only good quality in a gay is that they cannot procreate(yet they're number rises) and why is it allowed for Gay's to marry.
Its disgusting:- A man(male) marries a woman(female) and live happily ever after(Happy After Death),But a gay marries another(same gender,Yuck!!) and have a happier lives than those straight(We need t know how they do it).No wonder HIV is maximum in gays.

If gays and lesbians are accepted in the society,the consequences are going to be dire(roar).
for example:- In the application forms of office,there will have to be 5 columns Male,Female,Gay,Lesbian,Other(for the times are different.Expect the unexpected).
Not only the application forms,Even the whole of English Grammar is going to change.Sentences such as He's a girl and she's a boy are going to be common and certain Specimens like the
English houla and his likes will be using They are Both.The blogger fuckashs I mean do review his blog) needs to be appreciated for his("they're" you never know) amazing derivation of the fact that,
E.H. and L.P. are gays.

What are god's only living creations which cannot create life themselves?
gays and lesbians

I know,I know God didn't create gays and lesbians,But how can anyone go about telling people gays are man made?
That would make you a shameless Damned Creep.

But how much ever they try,they'll never be able to produce even a dead zygote.
In my opinion,every person has the right to freedom and In my other opinion Pigs can fly(now you know what to do)
So take away the rights of those ignorant fools.Even though gaiety is legal,we need to teach them a lesson.We can do that by literally teasing them.
Discourage their practise or else distinguishing them will be hell.For we will have to add the gender of the person with their names(as gays have human names)
Ex:- for names like Ameer,Sparsh,Raghu and Anket,we'll have to write Ameer-female,Sparsh-male,Anket-female and Raghu-male.
But even for this do I,Mr.Worksteal have a solution.Why don't we just write the names as all the above are Gays.But that is Racism.and that is why 'I am a racist'.

This is Mr.D(Never forget me) taking his leave,
Have a nice Gay!

No part of this blog shall be reproduced.If necessary take prior permission of the thing with which it is done or you shall be penalised and/or jailed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never a Worse Start!

I'm blogging for the first time and its no cream cake for me.I hate writing and most importantly writing for scumbags like you.How do i begin?

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But most probably it will be the worst of times, (for me at least). They say I'm jinxed but in truth that's only a part of the truth I conceal within me. I am always surrounded by a faded dark glow which makes it looks like its consuming my flesh. That my friend, is actually an , for I myself am consuming those EVIL flames. But this can only be noticed by the very good and innocent Perverts. (So don't count yourself)

The blog that i just made came to me in a dream. As I was sleeping one night, I dreamt of my school and as I did so, I felt that pre-homicide instinct in my dream (I'm sure you must've felt it sometime in life). So as I was saying, I felt like killing someone, the name of that person will be a mystery for you to solve. Lost in anguish, I ran to my class and caught one felly by the neck and without any warning, suddenly I started squeezing that Ass's head (oxymoron) and the next thing will shock your SSA out. What oozed out was not cerebral juices (I think he didn't need them) but Pepsi. I did what Gandhi would have done. Took a straw and drank till there was no more. That was the dream I'll never forget. So much enjoyment and so less
space (in his head). Well then it ended, the dream, with the disturbance caused by a gay outside my school and I was back in my class, listening(or rather bearing) to a huge hound teaching, I think that she was the hound which had Sherlock Holmes disfigured, in the 'Hound of the Baskervilles'. The next part of that day was the same old - teaching, acting like we're interested, more teaching, writing, sleepi...I mean Learning etc.., I came back home and made This exceptionally Marvellous piece of shit.
Thank You,

PS. Do not react to my posts directly,This is our manager's number he will be glad to accept your comments
D'N'A's manager,

PPS. Do not react if the person lifting the phone starts with "I'm taking you Down-Town"