Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never a Worse Start!

I'm blogging for the first time and its no cream cake for me.I hate writing and most importantly writing for scumbags like you.How do i begin?

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But most probably it will be the worst of times, (for me at least). They say I'm jinxed but in truth that's only a part of the truth I conceal within me. I am always surrounded by a faded dark glow which makes it looks like its consuming my flesh. That my friend, is actually an , for I myself am consuming those EVIL flames. But this can only be noticed by the very good and innocent Perverts. (So don't count yourself)

The blog that i just made came to me in a dream. As I was sleeping one night, I dreamt of my school and as I did so, I felt that pre-homicide instinct in my dream (I'm sure you must've felt it sometime in life). So as I was saying, I felt like killing someone, the name of that person will be a mystery for you to solve. Lost in anguish, I ran to my class and caught one felly by the neck and without any warning, suddenly I started squeezing that Ass's head (oxymoron) and the next thing will shock your SSA out. What oozed out was not cerebral juices (I think he didn't need them) but Pepsi. I did what Gandhi would have done. Took a straw and drank till there was no more. That was the dream I'll never forget. So much enjoyment and so less
space (in his head). Well then it ended, the dream, with the disturbance caused by a gay outside my school and I was back in my class, listening(or rather bearing) to a huge hound teaching, I think that she was the hound which had Sherlock Holmes disfigured, in the 'Hound of the Baskervilles'. The next part of that day was the same old - teaching, acting like we're interested, more teaching, writing, sleepi...I mean Learning etc.., I came back home and made This exceptionally Marvellous piece of shit.
Thank You,

PS. Do not react to my posts directly,This is our manager's number he will be glad to accept your comments
D'N'A's manager,

PPS. Do not react if the person lifting the phone starts with "I'm taking you Down-Town"