Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are You Gayme?!

'I am a racist' and after This question you'll not agree but in the end you will!

Which is the happiest section of the society?

but contrary to the question,is the hottest topic of the season,The so called section 377 or Gay Rights.
Who is a gay?(I mean What is a gay?) is what people ask me and i wonder why people have a fascination for such issues.
The whole concept of gaiety is weird,i mean why would a woman trapped in a man's body be able to resist the (cough cough)temptation
How come those lucky few have the RIGHT to be gay and we don't even have the mere right to Drive a car?
I am sorry to say this but Gayming is bad for health,especially Video Gayming(don't try this at home)
The only good quality in a gay is that they cannot procreate(yet they're number rises) and why is it allowed for Gay's to marry.
Its disgusting:- A man(male) marries a woman(female) and live happily ever after(Happy After Death),But a gay marries another(same gender,Yuck!!) and have a happier lives than those straight(We need t know how they do it).No wonder HIV is maximum in gays.

If gays and lesbians are accepted in the society,the consequences are going to be dire(roar).
for example:- In the application forms of office,there will have to be 5 columns Male,Female,Gay,Lesbian,Other(for the times are different.Expect the unexpected).
Not only the application forms,Even the whole of English Grammar is going to change.Sentences such as He's a girl and she's a boy are going to be common and certain Specimens like the
English houla and his likes will be using They are Both.The blogger fuckashs I mean do review his blog) needs to be appreciated for his("they're" you never know) amazing derivation of the fact that,
E.H. and L.P. are gays.

What are god's only living creations which cannot create life themselves?
gays and lesbians

I know,I know God didn't create gays and lesbians,But how can anyone go about telling people gays are man made?
That would make you a shameless Damned Creep.

But how much ever they try,they'll never be able to produce even a dead zygote.
In my opinion,every person has the right to freedom and In my other opinion Pigs can fly(now you know what to do)
So take away the rights of those ignorant fools.Even though gaiety is legal,we need to teach them a lesson.We can do that by literally teasing them.
Discourage their practise or else distinguishing them will be hell.For we will have to add the gender of the person with their names(as gays have human names)
Ex:- for names like Ameer,Sparsh,Raghu and Anket,we'll have to write Ameer-female,Sparsh-male,Anket-female and Raghu-male.
But even for this do I,Mr.Worksteal have a solution.Why don't we just write the names as all the above are Gays.But that is Racism.and that is why 'I am a racist'.

This is Mr.D(Never forget me) taking his leave,
Have a nice Gay!

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