Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello visitors of the Death-Mail, the mail which never lets you live in peace. Whats up? and your answer would be "not the eclipse" but don't be disappointed. Let me give you a useful piece of shit. Even though you couldn't see the "gas from ass" fuelled sun being covered by the loony Moon, we witnessed a spectacular spectacle. If you had noticed,we had another eclipse. Not a solar or lunar,but "Goonar Eclipse" by the darkness caused due to the presence of Mr. Black iN White (It was enough to render 'black' a bright color).

The auspicious day is over. The curses have been thrown like showers of acid. A Happy birthday to Mr.Back in white. Though there weren't any balloons we had a lot of fun bursting (his bubbles) and though we didn't have candles we had a gala time blowing (Not from the rear, Take care). When he held his coal like dwarf hoofs on Mrs.Big Ben's spaghetti like fingers (all looked like the middle ones). Mr Big Ben being a "watch"ful man must have left her by now, But cutting the cake really lifted his spirits because 'oh my God!' his buffering was considerably lower than usual. I believe that her magic had actually worked (It won't work during the day). All that was forcefully fed into the kind and gentle students' brains. I mean how can something like that get through the Ministry of Education, Oh I forgot there is no such thing. Mr.BNW (Black iN White) is the only authority and what he buffers goes (and that's why I hate All Saints).

But nonetheless the students enjoyed it. They're RESPECTABLE hoots and words of CIVIL NATURE encouraged the couple to cut the cake in F!^%#@ing melodramatic slow movements. I'm sure the despair in the pair must have vanished. Mr. BNW being single (but already mingled) is answerable to none, but Mrs BB (no 'oo') has a husband. What will she tell him,if he found out? Oh! I got the answer (She doesn't need to talk) Get me? So Every ones happy and the story ends.

But what about Me? Don't I deserve some Joy? Why should I, being the one who wrote the blog, Not be indulging (within double quotes) in some fun?

FUN in my dictionary is an acronym, for :- Fully Uncensored Notoriety and that I can only attain by causing pain to the weak, minor and people who are not classified as people. I want you to please sent a bouquet of poison ivy to my dear fiend, Mr.English Houla, attach a colorful letter with these golden words of gratitude :- "Get hell soon" don't forget to add "With Love". Please don't forget spraying the leaves with that special scent (Le Itching toilette) That would make me really happy (REALLY).

Let me conclude this short but useful post with a series of announcements.
  • A Microsoft BS (Buffer Stopper) was found in Master D.English Houla's Bag. The owner may donate it to Mr.Black in white. He/She will be blessed with 'Dark' pleasures.
  • Master M. Damn Dambar (M.Anurag Singh) found his family tree. The shocking news is that Mr.Black iN White is in it too (Look surprised).
  • The good news is that John "Glutton" Burg(er) (Krishna Akhil) has lost a tonne. The bad news is, He gained ten.
  • Master Sai Teja (aka,The Rat) was found missing today after school. The Cat owners are requested to line up near the quadrangle, for the same.
  • After the Gay Rights were granted many of the minorities of the society have started to progress. I am really sad to see that everyone of that category is happy. Giving the names would really hurt them So English Houla aka Sameer I won't Publicly announce your name.
Thank You All for eagerly awaiting this post.Hope you do so again for another Millennium.
'C' Ya All.
Hope you fall
let your fat asses blow up the hall!!!