Thursday, August 27, 2009


Some people in this world live to die, some live to kill, some kill to live, but I'm dying to kill(Especially the 0.3).Because there are members of some minority society who constantly puke out questions at me as to why my blog is not being updated. Let me get it straight(not for 0.3)!! I shall update my blog whenever I feel like it. I am the king, superior to the human race, evolved from Homo Sapiens(Who I think are all Homo..). Let’s cut the crap and get to the point. Today instead of updating my blog with shitty paragraphs I thought why not put in a Trivia Quiz. So how about it... This would be called :-

1) Why should the United Nations (Non existent) support Pimps?

2) How are all apes (including HUMANS) able to enjoy all the pleasures (GET ME??!)

3) What do you call a movie which depicts the sea or sky?

4) Why are the British more proud of their flag, than us Indians?

5) Where did the boy who cried "Fuck" end up?

6) What is the difference between a shot put ball and a whore (apart from the looks)?

7) Why is it illegal to make out with people of the same sex?
8) Who are the men of their word?

9) If you give an Indian a pillow what is he likely to do?

10) Why do the doctors advise you not to use i-pill?

1) Because they give more preference to women.
2) They are PRIME-MATES.
3) A Blue Film.
4) As they're flag is called the UNION JACK.
5) At the Sheep Farm, because *ALL* his sheep end up pregnant!!
6) One is thrown and used, the other is used and thrown.
7) Because the future governments need a good(and healthy) population to win the elections.
8) The inmates of the maternity hospital.
9) Sleep (on,in,with...,etc. your point of view) it!!
10)Because they want all the I-pills available for themselves.

Sorry guys for being so late in updating this blog but this were due to certain technical problems. But I'm sure you enjoyed it. So for now CHOW!!
But Remember I Know what you do and where you go. You are at all times at the mercy of 'D'. I may not kill but I will THRILL!!!!