Monday, September 7, 2009

RAP - Ruthless AdultRated Poetry

Aah Childhood! What memories. Good Times!! But not for everyone.Let's take 0.3's childhood for example.Can we ever rate it natural???? Was he like he is when he started his pre-school journey? I'm sure his childhood has been forgotten like an awkward nightmare.Speaking of 0.3, GPL was no better.His childhood was spent working tirelessly(I wonder where that perpetual energy comes from?(cough! cough again!) wasn't he the eternal polygamist!!!) day and nite, to make himself what he is now, a jerk.With heads held high lets congratulate him for his achievement.No human can 'ever'(in quotes) match his skills in !%$#^*#^*.What I'm trying to tell you is :- 64 GFs 13 BFs 1 OFs(Don't act as if you don't Know) for about 14 years(Babies don't _____) and yet not one has a bulging tummy(An achievement indeed!!!!! APPLAUSE).Lets leave him alone for the time being(I'm not sure if that's ever possible.

I'm sorry to say that the application I sent the GTA(Gay Tracking Association) to hunt down the fake blogger has been rejected.They burnt my form before my saying "We don't do LESBs".Now how will I ever find his true identify?? I'll try the NGO(New Genders Oppressors) maybe that'll give some results.

Anyway, as I was saying....., As a child, I'm sure you all must have enjoyed poetry, at least a few scribbles which rhyme(No wait that's RAP).Well more or less, the same goes here.Believe me!!I was something before this ghost of D got into me( It's rhyming already!!).So here today I have a few of my childhood poems.HIT IT!!..........

"1) My soul is not white,nor is my heart,
But one thing I must say,I do look smart!!

2) Time and tide wait for none,
So please don't waste it let's have fun!!

3) Ghouls suck flesh,
Vampires drink blood,
Zombies consume pain,but you're worse
You eat my brain!!

4) Pain is temporary,
Love is exhaustible,
Life is short,
But I-pods are not! So they should be bought!!

5) The sane man has a bane,
The addicted have a gain,
As a new wonder drug was created,
That is cocaine!!

6) Have you tasted blood?I think not
Have you licked fire? Ouch that's hot!
But have you ever killed a man, and left the body to rot?
If you haven't, come to me
Because that's the first to be taught!!

7) Flame is plasma,
Filled with hotness,
But 0.3 is the greatest,
Of all the sexless!!

8) What if the mountain breaks?
What if the building shakes?
What if scientists find 0.3's gender?
We were and will be bad Boyz!!

9) Life is sweet,but also bitter
life is good but sometimes filled with shit,
Then why the hell do you sit there,
Take a knife and just end it!!

10) If I had insects, with legs equivalent,
Of all my bad deeds,
Then I'll be having a few millipedes!!

11) U all are fools,Who live to follow rules,
I do not so I'm great,But you just have ill fate,
I have come to this world,
to eraze your kind.
So I shall think of torturing You all,
With my dark fiendish mind!!

12) If life is sad , and
your Love has died,
Then your only choice is

13) You may have evil in you,
But that's like seasonal,
But I burn with evilness,
Non stop like an Infernal!!

14) I may be a demon,
who love to have fun,
So even if I'm not an angel,
Let me at least act like one!!

15) I don't have horns,Nor a tail you see,
But that doesn't stop me from being D!!

16) If Hitler was mad,then call me insane,
Because for this world I'll create only bane,
As I've learnt from his mistakes and corrected his flaws,
So now I will Immediately start WAR once again!!!

17) Friends are forever,
love is for an eternity,
Time stops never,
So also your stupidity!!

18) Roses are red,Violets are blue,
Of 0.3's gender, I have no clue!!

19) Taking a life is really tough,
But making one is SLANG,
Breaking the heart is always easy,
So do it with a BANG!!

20) My insanity is low,
My innocence is high,
But the best thing however,
Is that I easily lie!!

21) Heaven's missing an angel,
It really wanted back,
So what are you waiting for,
Please help me pack!!

22) A fight is for peons,
A mob creates annoying rattle,
But I'll go higher,
I'll start a nuclear battle!!

23) A dog is man's best friend,
I thought that it was true.
But now I changed my mind,
For I've just met you!!

24) What is reality but
an obstacle between you and me,
Cross over it and like me a fiend you'll be!!

25) The soul is really precious,
Though it, you cannot see.
But I'm sure that's why don't need it,
So sell it off to me!!

26) A heart beats really hard,
and makes you feel like having fun,
But I really envy humans for that,
Because I don't actually have one.

27) Ladies and gentlemen lend me your ears,
while you're at it give me some of your eyes,nose,blood,
bones,skin,shin,legs,tongue and make that with extra tears!!

28) Try and try till you succeed,
A quote for only a fool to heed.
"BRIBE" should be the substitute for 'try',
Because this world goes around greed!! "

ENJOY YOUR LIFE, WHILE YOU HAVE IT BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT CONNECTS ME TO YOU.TAKE CARE OF IT FOR ME BECAUSE SOON I WILL TAKE BACK WHATS MINE.................................................................................................................