Thursday, December 24, 2009


Its been a while since I published something in this blog of a shitbox but here I am before you and have I got something interesting for you! Let me first make it clear, this post contains things ONLY about the fasts taking place in our fruitfool state so you can damn right away rule out any involvement from ATOM BOMB. TQ

Have you ever watched the movie 'Titanic'? Yeah the movie in which the hero saves a hot dumb blonde from a rusty old ship. On the way he sacrifices his life to save her.

well, this story was read just to entertain your pants because that is never goin to be the situation in our freaky stinkin state. "But why?" you ask, let me tell you, If Mr.Proboscis monkey (I'd like to call him Howler "Houla" Monkey) was the hero of our state, then why didn't he act like one (And Die)? Why the hell should the people of the state sacrifice their lives for one hero(Sarcasm)? The answer :- Addictive paper, that's right, MONEY. Like the saying goes "Give a man a fish and he's full for the day, but give him the price of the fish and he won't let you go empty handed (Only empty pockets) That's the scenario.

Mr. Proboscis just had to declare a fast unto death and we (I meant you) had to accept the consequences. I got a better idea for him. Why doesn't he just start a shoot unto death programme? Where somebody (I would be glad to) shoots him with a tiny 0.03 mm pistol. Right from his coccyx and sacrum all the way to the tip of his hollow skull till his metabolic (& nasal) processes ceases. The whole process would take about 8 minutes (Where 4minutes goes only for his nose).

About what he did (According to the Truth sayer, Yours Truly) :- Mr.Houla monkey as we all know was a pro pol [Choose: (a)Poltergeist (b)Politician (c) Polyandrist (d)All of the behind]. He was a master blaster when it came to scam shame puppy sham! Just in three steps he (Pure Genius or amorphous Genus?) created; that's what pacifiers say.

Step(1) : Declare fast fast(Shouldn't take time)

Step(a) : Use few people to agitate many (Pay per use)

Step(uh..lost count) : Wait

And it could never be a do or die situation for him as he supposedly consumed "Give me supplements and make me look like I didn't eat" Drugs (or alcohol in short) and so he was healthy but didn't look like it. I really feel sad for Mr.G (Won't make fun of Mr.Gandhi). If he had known there was such a way to fast, women would have loved his figure even at fasts.But........

Mr. Proboscis did what no one couldn't, he fasted vigorously (Viagrously) till 'Day 11' (Day 9.85-Day 11) and due to him its not even close to 2012 and we've already sealed our fate.All I have to say to KCR, Please feel free to copy it down " MONKEY" aka "M**KI" and "@#$^^#$# to your nose" and all I have to tell YSR is "Either you come here or we all (Have to) are coming there."

No grains, no pulses what will we do?........Wait a few secs, got a phone call (RING....RING.........HELLO!...HMM...YES....WHAT ALCOHOL AND Marijuana instead of grains and pulses IN TELANGANA?.......GOOD BYE MR.RAO. JAI TELANGANA)