Sunday, January 31, 2010



If you were wondering,looking at the titles,that this could be the last post in this blog or that it would have something to do with Dhengu(sorry DENGUE), Then you should get your patience tested, because you'd be wrong twice.This blog is dedicated to the holy angel from hell, MORTEIN. Not because I admire her but because I despise that itch (& witch & Bitch). Before I open my blog post (not post office), let me begin with a few written announcements.

April 2009 (1st day of our class) : Mortein bans students from playing during the lunch break.

-Fast Forward-

September 18th: Mortein confiscates 3 mobile phones.


November 12th: Mortein yet again takes away the drill period.


January 2nd: POLLS: Mortein elected as the hottest person in school (She never switches the fan on nor let's us!).

These would have been the headlines of the school newspaper (If that fakir 0.3, the so called Literary Secretary, would have started it.

That's right its not only Emotional Atyachar, she makes us emotional and also turns us into achar (Shaken AND Stirred).

Mortein is the one person who seems to be a tame cir'cus' cat on the outside but is actually a ruthless alley cat. But deep within she's even more, she's a Sabre toothed tiger, ready to penetrate her fangs into innocent victims. I'm sure she wears shoes (Action ka school time) just to hide her retractable finely sharpened claws. Let me tell you a secret. Did you know that she purposely makes her eyes squint so that we won't be able to know where she's looking (or who's her target). It works just like Mad-Eye Moody's.
But the last straw was when she took away our drill period, with no appropriate reason. Not only ours she also took away the drill periods of the whole of the X standard, stating the reason that the Dark Day (Sleeveless) gave her permission. That leads me to another conclusion with the question "Has I.A.S.(Invisible After Dark, aka Sleeveless) abandoned Miss All Saints' for Mortein?" If yes,"YUCK!!" Why would he choose someone whose elasticity is lost over someone who is ........(You get my point, Miss ASHS).

Lets go back to the drill thing.What does she think we do during the drill period, Drill? I mean come on its not like we actually drill. A little flirting here and there and then we start playing (Football not what you just thought). Just 30 Min's of football in a whole week can't possibly hurt. But who will tell her? That itch wants us OUT of the pitch. This is OUT-rageous!! And that is why we have created another Full-Profit Organization. Here's the preview.






After the grand success of the G.T.A., Gay Tracking Organization, in tracking about 3000 homos and 1 Mixed-breed in All Saints', Comes an award wining organization, the Morty-Fryers. Already the winner of the Granny Award and the prestigious Broker Prize, this organization truly aims at chasing away Mortein, using her own 'Activ-(minus)' feature.

"This Ad is in no way affiliated to The D-Mail and none can blame 'D' for its actions on any person living and/or death."

So How did you like the preview. All I can can say is All The Best, Morty-Fryers. Well, to tell you the truth, the first war of Independence has already begun. This was also called the Quit ASHS movement and was commenced by the regional head of the Morty-Fryers, Master M.S.S.G. (name not revealed for fear of Mortification ) A Great war was fought between Mortein and M.S.S.G. and for that he shall always remain in our heart. Even though he failed, his efforts shall be in vain. His work shall always be remembered. Requesting everyone to please give him a minute of silence.60-59-58-1sec, OK. OK. That's enough what do you think he is, Gandhi? Anyway he's not even a martyr (YET).

Thus concludes my post with a promise that we will get what we deserve. If we don't, Then "Gandhi, here I come" (That's what We'll make Mortein say!!)

This blog is subjected to market risks,  please read the offer document care freely before its interesting. And if any Fuckir tries to leak info outside, keep calm, unless you ARE him!!

Jai Hind(Hind ≠ Ass)!!