Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ruthless AdultRated Precedent Poetry (RAPP)

* Knock Knock *,

* Who's There? *,

* 'D' *,

* D, Who?? *,

* 'D' Is The New Me! *

If you were wondering where I went all winter, then let me tell you, I was at the museum waiting for Fall (Autumn).The reason? Well I was fascinated by a certain Chiseled Sculpture of a muscular MAN who would have been completely naked if it wasn't for a green leaf on his crotch(region),And like I said,Thus 'I was waiting for Fall'!! Just Kidding!! I was actually waiting for you to forget about me,but that was not to be.Well Leave the past and Welcome the Future and All the new Pain it brings, but most importantly welcome Me,because I am back for another season of 'D'-Mail, as they say about me "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Hum"!! Today I shall take a minute of your otherwise worthless time teaching you the essence of RAP!! It's a short Poem on 'D', in the shoes of The Grim Reaper!!

"Grim Reaper" feat. 'D'

" With deathly eyes and a dark hood,
Giving his victims no time to brood,

Coming towards you, this diabolic necromancer,
Who Moves forward like a soul-less dancer.

With only the intention of homicide;[Homo-cide]
and with only one rule to abide.

That is killing persons,only on his list,
No care of rain, snow, heat or mist.

Rich or poor, happy or sad, no difference to him,
For his game is death and name,'D'.

Da'Hood is what they call this merciless fiend,
And by the blood of the murdered, His lips is cleaned.

Only armed with a rusty sickle,
He Cuts open your bodies like spongy pickle!

Come what may but he never ceases,
He glides forward and your pain eases.

He has no emotions, no frown, no grin,
No wonder his true identity is, Robin!

Yes! I am that Dark Dread,
and Pain I will surely spread.

With a skull for a face and a body of bones,
I don't like laughter, nor tolerate moans.

All I want you to do is,
accept death, for it is TRUE.

It maybe victory, It may be defeat,
But it, you can never cheat!

Your life isn't worth keeping,
If you spend your last days weeping.

I want you to peacefully bear,
And not cry out, As if I'd care.

But I'm also merciful, For I kill quickly,
Unlike my friend, Jack the Ripper, Who's quite Sickly!! "

Yup! This Definitely means "I'M BACK!!"