Monday, October 25, 2010



"RAJINIKANTH", the king of full-on fiction in movies has earned himself a standing ovation from 'D', for his out standing, Extraordinary performance on the silver screen(The only place where such things occur). 'D' is awestruck by his acting and the roles that come by him and is willing to honor his soul with all the great achievements Rajinikanth has...well, achieved. Here are 10 of the best things Rajinikanth Can do. (The following were performed by an expert in all forms of special effects and the author of "How to Do everything Sci-Fi and yet be famous"):-

10) Q: How many Rajinikanths are required to change a light bulb?

A: None, because Rajini is bright enough to use, than a light bulb.

9) Rajinikanth Wears Diamond plated-Gold ornaments.

8) Rajinikanth weighs 70kgs in Space.

7) Polar Ice caps melt due to Rajinikanth's Body Heat.

6) Rajinikanth Can Ask an Answer.

5) The character of 'James Bond' is based on Rajinikanth's Childhood.

4) Rajinikanth's terrace is on the ground floor.

3) Rajinikanth Knows the Capital of Hyderabad.

2) The Queen of England was elected by Rajinikanth.

The Best Entry by D'N'A is

1) Rajinikanth never wore diapers in his life. The reason is, he could Aim anyway!!

{This list is in every way concerned with Rajinikanth and his affiates. All disputes must be cleared through "Uranus Jurisdiction"!}

An Announcement:Good News and Bad News for those who read "The D-Mail". The Bad News is that your life is spared, as of now. The good news is that Deathmail will now be Co-Owned by 'A', and together we are the, "D'N'A", that means double the humor and double the AdultRated Sarcasm,which definitely means "Darkness shall forever Reign"!!