Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Next Edition Of the Questionnaire For The Bizarre is here, before you're eyes. So what are you staring at this Line for, LOOK DOWN...

1 ) The Most "PRODUCTIVE" Company in the world, this organization deals with 'Connections' and Communication. Name It.

2 ) Which Place in England is also Called The Land of Tolerance, a county filled with Gay and Cheerful People (The name is a noun but may sound like a verb)?

3 ) Name the most KNOTTY President in the history of America. His name literally Rhymes with Babe.
Abe "Link"on

4 ) a "B.Ed" student after her examination results were out, telegraphed(Happened somewhere in the Triassic Period) her family. Her family after reading the message got quite pissed off. The Message was somehow misinterpreted by the translator. What could the final have message been?
"Successful in BED" (Telegraphs don't have dots)

5 ) The Director of a movie 'X' was left completely sterile ,lifelong, after making the movie which lasted a little longer than the great solar eclipse of 26/7/09. what does 'X' stand for?

6 ) Name the Goddess of the Romans, who loved the Blacks so much that she used a word related to them in her name.
Afro - Deity

Bonus: Name the golfer who used to "hit in" as well as "hit on" birdies?

Obviously the 'TIGER'

See ya later with something all the more better. Different Time-line same place!!