Tuesday, November 16, 2010


True greatness is not made, it is born. I used to believe that until I met him. He got his endarkment not under a tree, but under the blanket. Born in a humble Baimani family, he soon changed his name from Veerubai Baimani to his present name. We call him, His Pervertous, The Great, Stree Stree, BABA RANDI. Extracted from his way of life and preachings, "The D-MAIL☣" is proud to post this, Welcome it with Demotion :-

10)  A dutiful beauty is your toy forever.

9)  You can ogle some people all the time, or all people some times, but you can't ogle of all people's all the time.

8)  Don't count your chicks before they catch your patch.

7)  You can bring Ho's to your lower pool, but you can't make them suck.

6)  Maternity is the mother of Intention and insanity is it's illegitimate son.

5)  A bitch in time saves dime.

4)  Where there's ill will, there's a gay.

3)   An early bird gets the sperm.

2)  Too many hookers spoil the sloth.

And His Pervertousness' Most Loved....

1)  Early to BED, Early to RISE makes a PRO (Ho), healthy wealthy and wise.

Wisdom, is Scarred, when one does not appreciate it. Use these daily Demotional chants, take it into your soul. And once you do, inner peace will not stop you, no matter what....

Stay tuned to this column for more inspirational Quotes by His Pervertousness,  BABA RANDI.