Monday, November 1, 2010

Yenna Anna:

The Man just can't get out of our heads. He's done so much that we thought we just HAD to pay 'tribute', to him. So here's the Lo-Down on more of Rajinikanth's Stunts:

10)  Rajinikanth can Empty Vacuum

9)   Rajinikanth Downloaded the Internet
8)   Rajinikanth Predicts the Past
Additional : 7.5) Paul the Octopus was actually Rajinikanth's Daughter
7)  Rajinikanth Collides Elastically

6)  Rajinikanth can Skin Bones

5)  Rajinikanth fires a gun with a Bullet

4)  Rajinikanth Photographed Music
3)  Rajinikanth's Plane travels the Subway

2) Rajinikanth Writes in the Sign Language
The Best Entry Of This Post Is:

1) Rajinikanth Milked a Bull