Saturday, May 7, 2011


Do Others, As You Would Have Others Do You!

"   "Oh Experienced one, What is thy secret of Success?"
An innocent passer begs the Great Immor(t)al Root
"What is success but a fruit of mutual effort", replied he
An instant follower was born that second, an instant fruit!

Simplicity in him, brought him so far.
That even Gandhi couldn't but acknowledge,
Complexity of his statements bought many an ear
And caused many a mouth, experience thy Outage!

As thee ages, More art thou like a fiddle
whose ASSets are worth more than the Economy,
His Highness shares to all, but only in riddle
Praise the master of ANAL-ogy et Anatomy

As a tramp went, to the Dark Land of China,
Walked the long way, to people's impotent hearts
As a King he returned back, Thou experiences shared
Now begins the Land's productivity, now the population starts!

"Work and Play have no meaning isolated", he lectured,
"The Work is Play when you enjoy IT at ease,
But if play is work and you can't aim lower,
I'll do it for you, and even take the fees" !

Totally Convinced 'D' himself asked His Excellent Potency,
"Explain, Oh Great One, the Ultimate meaning of Life"
- My child, YOU are but imperfect wanderers,
 The Day calls for Work and play, but it is night that calls for strife !!

Like harp, Like lyre his words, the heart burns
Through these scars and sears, after all we learn
The inner demons and angels are set free to pleasure
For his principles are of Gain, and not to painfully Yearn! "