Saturday, June 18, 2011


Believe it or not, here at the D-Mail, we believe in complete transparency (possibly, why we have no ladies over here). Hence, we shall share with you some important information about the blog. Now you all know how the Global Economic Meltdown has effected all of you. Fortunately it didn't effect us. But, we all know that THE Barack Obama (The Most Powerful Man on Earth A.K.A Black GO(l)D) has plans for everyone. He did have one, for us too.

Ever since Osama's death our businesses have taken a huge hit. There has been very less inflow of green stuff (the other kind - Cash) since 30 Navy Seals (Referred to some as the Super-30, also, The Infidels, like 'The Expendables') attacked him and killed him (Or did They?). Anyway, Since it has been difficult to maintain many of our assets [Shaving Creams are getting costlier ;) ] We decided to unload a few of them. And Hence, after hectic consultations with many people, mostly consisting of Teddies (Mr.Bean's's descendents), we decided it was for the better if we Partially Shut-down The D-Mail. This Shutdown, while being partial, will not result in the complete cessation of activity on the blog. You can always go through the Old posts etc. Anyway, For those of you who DO NOT want to know the reasons for this Shutdown, Read the Following.

We Are NOT Shutting Down because....

  • Lady Gaga is planning to visit India and we hope to watch her especially, being bald.
  • A Couple of Metal Birdies Crashed into our offices at the Banana Republic.
  • 2012 Is getting close and We're planning on the proceeds to end the world.
  • Justin Beiber acknowledges rumors about her Pregnancy with Selena Gomez.
  • Facebook may be about to shut down and we intend on Revenge.
  • And Most Definitely, We didn't intend on Shutting down because of, the coronation of a homonoid called William Arthur Philip Louis (The one in the middle of Middleton).
 Anyway, looking forward to see you soon, again.So until we meet again, I expect you would have used the RANDOM and RECOMMENDED POSTS buttons till the brink of their extinction. Also Last but not the least, The Legacy of The D-Mail shall continue forever, so don't even dare to change your allegiance to us!!

Hasta-la-vista, Bitchy Dogs.