Friday, July 27, 2012

Me Me and More Memes

Well If you thought we're gonna stop at that (The ten odd memes we posted), then you're wrong. We're gonna pour out our hearts through memes so that you get tired of them and start making an effort to READ (you lazy oafs). Here's to a healthy internet life..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Succumbed to Memes

Forever alone, Me Gusta, Inglip...Look familiar? If not, you HAVE either come out of a rock, or you HAVEN'T come out of Alzheimer's. The D-Mail have spend quite a lot of time, writing long (yet humorous) posts and putting em' onto your screens. It's such a shame that people have forgotten how to read. The new age, So called, Modern Man (Translate: slouch Potato) doesn't like to turn the pages, he wants everything snappy and doesn't even care if it's authentic. As long as it's on his face, he'll give in. I bet he didn't even read this paragraph. So here's something WE have created. No plagiarism, No Copy Paste. 100% The D-Mail. So no more Yapping, Go for it...