Thursday, July 12, 2012

Succumbed to Memes

Forever alone, Me Gusta, Inglip...Look familiar? If not, you HAVE either come out of a rock, or you HAVEN'T come out of Alzheimer's. The D-Mail have spend quite a lot of time, writing long (yet humorous) posts and putting em' onto your screens. It's such a shame that people have forgotten how to read. The new age, So called, Modern Man (Translate: slouch Potato) doesn't like to turn the pages, he wants everything snappy and doesn't even care if it's authentic. As long as it's on his face, he'll give in. I bet he didn't even read this paragraph. So here's something WE have created. No plagiarism, No Copy Paste. 100% The D-Mail. So no more Yapping, Go for it...