Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Time To Get Serious!

The Dark Metamorphic Amorphous Illicit Literature, yeah, The D-Mail. So basically, all this time we made you laugh, we provided you with puns and innovation in Language with our torture techniques, but I guess with time, everything changes; and it's definitely time for us to become something bigger, something Better. And so, we have for you a new kind of posts. This Label puts D'N'A at their wit's end. Of course, you'll see the classic puns and humor sprinkles, but we're moving to a new realm, that of Seriousness, a very serious kind of Humor. The kind that makes you laugh...then think and laugh at the fact that you laughed at it.

No we didn't pop-in any De-Ecstasy pills, we just felt like it's time to grow up. We used to make fun of little things like, Fb Confession pages and Those annoying Memes. Well now it's time to make fun of Bigger things. Hell, we're gonna make a mockery out of em'.

PS: The Brothers in Arms, Obama and Osama aren't the cause for us to change our minds. Neither is it Miley Cyrus' and Selena's Makeovers. Although, can't help looking at the latter, the former, well, I can't help NOT looking at it.

Anyway, Cheers to you old folk, who always nag about how our posts don't touch you guys. Be happy, cause The upcoming lineup of posts are gonna touch you like never before (And no we're not switching to porn). Keep tuning-in to The D-Mail. This was just a Warning for what to expect. Until then...